a big difference of opinion

I recently received a message from a reader who said that though she was a fan, she couldn't see herself paying the price I'd set for one of my books. That was the first clue that we hold different opinions: she thinks I should undersell my work, thereby cheating myself out of making a decent [...]

Lunchtime Entertainment: Excerpts from New Release

Hi, all. The latest version of Give Yourself to Me (re-release of 2010 book with a whole BUNCH of new material) went live yesterday. I'm sharing two excerpts: one from the original version and one taken from the new material. I am really digging this book. I had such a good time writing it! Enjoy [...]

Halloween? We don’t Need No Stinkin’ Halloween…

to put out a book about a vampire! This is the possible cover for my book, Give Yourself to Me, my first book about a vampire. His name is Hilliard Ashley and he does two things really well: hunts down sick vampires for death or therapy and loves (absolutely adores) him some Hollis Delacroix. It's [...]

“Dashing Through the Snow” Excerpt

Good morning. I got a great review yesterday, and it got me thinking.  So I'm revisiting my first cozy mystery, Dashing Through the Snow, in preparation for writing the second one. Anyway, I thought I'd share an excerpt from the book, as well. Hope you enjoy it. That lovely cover is by Whit Holcomb, by [...]