Lead me not into temptation, iPhone

So...my cell phone carrier keeps sending me offers to trade in my old iPhone for the latest version for a measly 300 bucks. First, it hasn't even been a year since I got my current phone, the iPhone 6, and it's working just fine. Secondly (or sadly, as some people think), I am one of [...]

Went apple picking yesterday…BEHOLD:

the largest apple in a world...mine. I haven't been apple picking in years, and it was such a great time. We went to the County Line Orchard in Hobart, IN. They have at least 10 different varieties of apples along with gorgeous pumpkins. After about sweaty, but enjoyable, hour of trumping through the orchard, we [...]

So…THIS happened.

My week has been kind of lousy. I've been sick and fighting it and life in general has just been a bit off kilter. But then...this happened. On a whim I entered a sweepstakes I saw on Facebook. Grand prize was a $1,000 gift certificate to new the Verizon destination store and a chance to [...]

Calm before the storm

   I took my run this morning in sixty-six degree weather. It's NOVEMBER IN CHICAGO, which is awesome! I loved the view and the feel so much, that I just had to take pictures. Though the atmosphere looks cold and gloomy in the photos, it so wasn't when I was out there. This is just [...]