Bright New Shiny Things

Spring is here and throwing off the heavy shackles of winter, my mind (like other people's, I'm sure) naturally turns to lighter, less weighty things, particularly in terms of colors and fabrics. Right now I'm fixated on getting a new purse (or two or three), and my attention keeps going back to the Coach drifter [...]

Please and Thank You

Dear God: I wonder if you would make it possible for me to win in the next drawing for the Mega Millions Lottery. I don't need to win the whole shebang; one or two million would suffice. If you aren't amenable to that, perhaps you'd fix things so I'd somehow win the "$5,000 every week [...]

A Thing of Beauty

Neopolitan crèche at The Art Institute of Chicago -- not a painting. I went to the Art Institute of Chicago on Sunday just because I hadn't been in a long time, and wanted to see something beautiful. None of the nieces and nephews were around, so off to the Art Institute I went. I visited [...]

First Snow

Today we've gotten what the weather forecasters would call the first measurable snow of the season. I usually like the first snow. I find it picturesque and generally view it as a harbinger of fresh possibilities. The first snow usually makes me feel like I have another chance to accomplish something...anything. It doesn't have to [...]