Know where I can get difficult-to-find, yet brilliant, movies?

Ever want something so bad that you drive yourself out of your mind with desire for it? And then have it's very unattainability make it even more desirable? Such is the case for me regarding the film Thirteen by David Williams. Here are partial descriptions: He {David Williams} cast neighbor Lillian Folley and her daughter, [...]

First Snow

Today we've gotten what the weather forecasters would call the first measurable snow of the season. I usually like the first snow. I find it picturesque and generally view it as a harbinger of fresh possibilities. The first snow usually makes me feel like I have another chance to accomplish something...anything. It doesn't have to [...]

Calm before the storm

   I took my run this morning in sixty-six degree weather. It's NOVEMBER IN CHICAGO, which is awesome! I loved the view and the feel so much, that I just had to take pictures. Though the atmosphere looks cold and gloomy in the photos, it so wasn't when I was out there. This is just [...]

Take Care of Yourself

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  It's a good time (as is any other time) to be thinking about your breast health, and to raise awareness. Getting screened is important, and many places offer free or low-cost exams. Here are a few facts regarding early detection from the American Cancer Society:Yearly mammograms are recommended [...]

So. Here’s what I thought…

(photo by kapybara42)I'm on deadline right now (a second self-imposed one), and up until about a week ago had been writing in fits and starts for about a month. Fits and starts because the story would come, and then it would go, with the characters remaining stubbornly silent. Sometimes, I'd sit in front of the [...]