Same Old, Same Old It's been hard for me this year to get into the spirit of the holiday season -- just as it has been, I imagine, for millions of others. I'm still not feeling it, so today I decided to pull out my old standby, "All I want for Christmas is You", as sung by Olivia [...]


So…THIS happened.

My week has been kind of lousy. I've been sick and fighting it and life in general has just been a bit off kilter. But then...this happened. On a whim I entered a sweepstakes I saw on Facebook. Grand prize was a $1,000 gift certificate to new the Verizon destination store and a chance to [...]

Valentine’s Day Today's a day we get bombarded with everything seemingly having to do with love. I thought I'd add my two cents and share some music that I like. Hollywood going back and mining their vaults for material from simpler times with remakes of the movies About Last Night and Endless Love made me think [...]

Calm before the storm

   I took my run this morning in sixty-six degree weather. It's NOVEMBER IN CHICAGO, which is awesome! I loved the view and the feel so much, that I just had to take pictures. Though the atmosphere looks cold and gloomy in the photos, it so wasn't when I was out there. This is just [...]