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Give Yourself to Me

GYTMfinal200x300If Dr. Hollis Delacroix had known she’d be falling in love with a future vampire-murderer when she was seventeen, she…probably…still would’ve fallen in love. Hilliard had been irresistible then, and he was twice that now. She’d stood him up on prom night and fourteen years later, he’s finally found her, and boy has she got some explaining to do. But so does he. He never told her that he was a vampire. But worse than that is that he’s suspected of killing other vampires and the bodies are winding up in her morgue. Talk about having some explaining to do!

Hill Ashley doesn’t go around biting people willy-nilly, and never in his life has he drank anyone’s blood without their permission. He’s just not that kind of vampire. He’d explain all that to the woman he’s been in love with since they were seventeen if she’d just let him. He cannot believe that the girl he’d known as Rose is now the big shot New Orleans medical examiner named Hollis Delacroix. He’s thrilled to have found her, but she’s looking at him for the murders of four people. Okay, so maybe he DID kill two of them, but he has his reasons. All very good ones, too. She’d see that if she’d just stand still long enough for him to explain.

He doesn’t care if her name is Hollis or Rose. Hill just wants her back, and he wants her back with such desperation that it’s almost enough to be embarrassing. He wants ALL of her, no holds barred. She’s his, he’s hers, and they both know it. They knew it when they were seventeen, and there’s no use pretending. Of course, just when Hill sees the light at the end of the tunnel and thinks he can breathe easy, an old pain-in-the-ass nemesis tracks him down and is determined to get his revenge through Hollis, which predictably sends her scurrying away again.Damn. Can a vampire (a pretty nice one, by the by) catch a break?

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Simply Wicked

SWcover275American actress Cassidy Hamilton accepts the role of a lifetime on a British television show, allowing her to pursue aristocratic British CEO Tony Carleton, a man she has wanted for years. Older sophisticated Tony has kept his own desires for the nubile actress in check. She is too young, too free-spirited, and as he’s always believed, too dangerous for his soul.

Tempted by her nearness, Tony succumbs to her allure and begins a passionate affair with her while deluding himself that he’s in control. But someone is stalking Cassidy, a man who will stop at nothing in fulfilling his twisted obsession. He makes London his bloody playground and Tony must protect the one woman he loves above all else – Cassidy. As old secrets are revealed, Cassidy confronts the tragedy of her past while accepting the promise of a passionate future with Tony.

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Do Me Right

Rose Petal BKendra Masters and Sloan Johnson have been together for four years. In Sloan’s mind, they have mostly been four wonderful years with a few hurdles and bumps and scrapes along the way. The hurdles weren’t enough to stop them from falling in love with one another, and they are finally ready to get married: the rings have been bought, the dress picked out, the priest and church scheduled and the reception hall rented. He’s all set to go.

Kendra’s all set to go, as well…or so she thinks. She wants to be, honestly she does. But in her mind they’d had those bumps and scrapes mostly because of her fear that Sloan will one day leave her, as her father had her mother and her when she was twelve. She knows it’s an irrational fear, and tries to stem the neurotic tide. Most of the time she is able to do so. It’s those few times that she isn’t that lands them in trouble and her in therapy in an effort to work through her issues.

Just when they think they’re all sorted out and on the right track, Sloan finds himself having to contend with thievery in his law firm, the possibility of losing his license to practice, and an irresponsible brother he hasn’t seen for months who brings himself and trouble to his doorstep. Meanwhile, Kendra has to deal with her bitter, undermining mother, and the specter of her neurosis rearing its ugly head again.

All this adds up to Kendra being left alone in the church on her wedding day, which in the minds of many –including Kendra– is an unforgivable offense on Sloan’s part. Neither is sure they can repair the damage.

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After the Morning After

COVERFINAL600X800After another spectacular break-up that totally blindsides her, Dr. Victoria Howell has had it with men. She can’t trust her own judgment when it comes to the male of the species, so she’ll just put her overactive libido on hiatus. That’s her story and she’s sticking to it. The story is slightly altered, however, after a sex-filled night with former colleague and suspected corporate thief Sanjay Banerjee, the walking, breathing aphrodisiac. But it was just one night and one night is all it will ever be. And though she’s sure he didn’t steal from the company, she’s going to make sure he keeps his sticky fingers out of her pants from now on.

Sigh. Victoria, with all of her over-thinking simply makes his head hurt, and Sanjay wishes she would lighten up and admit what they both know: she was meant to be his sex slave and obey his every command. Okay — joking. But they’re meant to be together, and if she would just get her head out of her ass long enough, she’d see that. Proving that he’s not a thief is minor compared to convincing Victoria. But convince her, he will. And then? Simple. Then he’d have everything he wants.

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