Back Again

I’ve been away from the blog a long time. I’d stopped writing fiction and concentrated only on writing for the day job. Or, I should say I’d stopped writing fiction for public consumption. It’s been for my eyes only, and though I haven’t completed a project, I’ve continued to write, and I think that’s important. It hasn’t been consistent over the past couple of years, but it’s been happening. I’m grateful for that. Grateful to still have imagination and the desire to bring stories to life.

The urge to share is what’s been missing. Recently, however, I’ve felt the desire to put the work out there again. To that end, I’ve been working on the final story in the Meadowlark Series with my ride or die Roslyn Hardy Holcomb (who coincidentally has also been on a sort of writing hiatus). Called “Please Come Home for Christmas,” this re-entry into the world is Sabra and Butch’s story. We’re hopeful to have it out in January.

We apologize for the wait, but we’re back now, babies, and thrilled with the return!

2 thoughts on “Back Again

  1. YES!! YES!! YES!! I’ve been waiting so long for the last book! I’ve been thinking about y’all for the last little while and this pops up! I’m sure your hiatus was needed, but I’m so glad you’re back.


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