I’m Back

whatsnext(Picture courtesy of artistrunwebsite.com)

Hola mis amigas!

Because I’ve been going through some things, it’s been quite a while since I’ve communicated through this platform. And though all is well now, I won’t promise that I’ll post here any more frequently than I did before the most current drought because there’s just always something. What I want to do is tell you about my next few projects:

Christmas at the Meadowlark: All I Want for Christmas. The fourth in the series, this is Libra’s and Saul’s story. Roslyn and I are working diligently on this story and it will be out soon. By the way, be on the look out over the next few weeks for something awesome regarding this series.

Christmas at the Meadowlark: Please Come Home for Christmas. This will be the fifth and final book in the series and will feature childhood sweethearts Sabra and Butch. It’s a doozy!

KK Patrickson’s story (Tentative title: Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered). This one is a long time in coming. People have been asking for KK’s book since she first appeared in At Last in 2003, and I promise I have been trying to write it. At one point I had nearly 100 pages before I stopped fighting the truth, which was that the story didn’t work for her. She’d been trying to tell me, but I just wasn’t listening. Well, I’ve got it now and we’re both extremely happy with it. So, 15 years after she was birthed in print, KK finally has a story that works for her. It’s a glimmer, but a strong one and we’re off.

Thank you for being here.



4 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. YES!!! I’ve so missed your writing presence, Lisa! I’ve only been reading IR for the last 16 years or so, but your work in the early days was some of the first I remember purchasing and enjoying. I’m lost without something of yours to read. Glad you’ve made your way back to us.

    1. Hi Ljay! Thank you! I really appreciate it, and I’m honored you like the work so much! Just so you know, the first three books in The Meadowlark series mentioned above will be on sale for 99 cents each starting July 1. Each book will be on sale for a week, and then we release the newest on the 22nd.

      Thank you again!


      1. Hey Lisa! I mean every word! Thanks for the heads up on the series. Will they be on sale everywhere you have them or just Amazon?

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