So…THIS happened.



My week has been kind of lousy. I’ve been sick and fighting it and life in general has just been a bit off kilter. But then…this happened. On a whim I entered a sweepstakes I saw on Facebook. Grand prize was a $1,000 gift certificate to new the Verizon destination store and a chance to meet Jennifer Hudson. Well, I got a call on Wednesday telling me that I’d won, not the $1,000, but a chance to meet Jennifer Hudson, and a $500 gift card for the Verizon store. As you can imagine, that made the week look a WHOLE lot better. I’m still sick, but I’m a lot happier! I met Ms. Hudson yesterday, and got some great stuff at the store. Lucky, lucky, lucky me!

2 thoughts on “So…THIS happened.

  1. LOL…holy crap! That’s awesome! I can’t believe that happened! I’m glad that made you feel better, Lisa 🙂 And I’m also glad you got a couple extra bucks to spend at and some great stuff from Verizon! Good deal!

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