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Rose Petal BHere they are, Sloan and Kendra my first engaged (that they are is only through the grace of God and infinite patience) couple, ready to perform for your reading pleasure. This is a re-issue of a book I published with Loose-id in 2010. I’ve gotten my rights back, added some new scenes and got a brand-spankin’ new cover. Here’s what the book is all about:

Kendra Masters and Sloan Johnson have been together for four years. In Sloan’s mind, they have mostly been four wonderful years with a few hurdles and bumps and scrapes along the way. The hurdles weren’t enough to stop them from falling in love with one another, and they are finally ready to get married: the rings have been bought, the dress picked out, the priest and church scheduled and the reception hall rented. He’s all set to go.

Kendra’s all set to go, as well…or so she thinks. She wants to be, honestly she does. But in her mind they’d had those bumps and scrapes mostly because of her fear that Sloan will one day leave her, as her father had her mother and her when she was twelve. She knows it’s an irrational fear, and tries to stem the neurotic tide. Most of the time she is able to do so. It’s those few times that she isn’t that lands them in trouble and her in therapy in an effort to work through her issues.

Just when they think they’re all sorted out and on the right track, Sloan finds himself having to contend with thievery in his law firm, the possibility of losing his license to practice, and an irresponsible brother he hasn’t seen for months who brings himself and trouble to his doorstep. Meanwhile, Kendra has to deal with her bitter, undermining mother, and the specter of her neurosis rearing its ugly head again.

All this adds up to Kendra being left alone in the church on her wedding day, which in the minds of many –including Kendra– is an unforgivable offense on Sloan’s part. Neither is sure they can repair the damage.

Copyright 2014 © by Lisa G. Riley


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