I Write Like…

infinitejestboth Stephen King and David Foster Wallace (1962-2008) apparently — and all in the same book! Two bestselling authors. Yaay, me!  So…I snitched this link from Crystal Hubbard’s FaceBook page the other day. What you do is go to the page and put text in from some of your writing. The page then comes back with a suggestion of who you as an author “write like”. I put in passages from two different sections of Simply Wicked, the redux.  I’m flattered because I’ve re-done the book so that it’s not only more suspenseful, but also more romantic and humorous. I’m more familiar with Stephen King’s work, but I’ll take David Foster Wallace, too, a consistent bestseller and four-star rating getter!

Of course it’s all in fun, and who knows what the site’s parameters are for choosing the authors, but I’m still quite flattered!



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