Lots of new stuff in the book, but old cover

SimplyWicked_frontcoverI’ve been talking about the reinvention of this book (#SimplyWickedredux) for a couple of weeks now. I need a new cover. Heroine is a rising…well…wicked starlet in love with the reserved CEO of a British multinational. She’s overcome tragedy and is now daring and irreverent, while he’s practical and almost (but not quite) no-nonsense. Did I mention that she’s 22 and he’s 36, and the older brother of her college roommate? She’s the only child of American parents, a bit spoiled, and a take charge kind of person with a fun personality who believes in living each day to its fullest. He’s the oldest son of a British Lord and Lady who works hard and is trying to prove himself capable of running the company. She wants him, is determined to have him, and she scares the be-Jesus out of him. He’s more than attracted, but believes he’s too old for her and avoids her as if she thinks football is actually the same as American football. The fact that his family adores her, and would like nothing more than to welcome her into the bosom of the family, affords him no help AT ALL.

Because she’s all the things described above and there’s lots of humor in the book, it’s tempting to go with a somewhat whimsical cover. However, there’s danger running throughout the book as well, as the characters travel from London to Chicago and back again. Which is why when it was originally published in ’08, the publisher went with the cover above. I like the cover, but it really isn’t a fit for the book. I could go with another cover in the same vein as that one, but again, not really a fit. It’s difficult to find/develop something that incorporates both humor and danger.

Yeah. It’s a quandary, all right.


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3 thoughts on “Lots of new stuff in the book, but old cover

  1. Simply Wicked is still one of my favorite reads. It has wit, humor, passion and suspense all rolled into one. It keeps you intrigued with the turn of each page. I must admit when I first saw this book back on 09 it was the cover that drew me in and made me decide to make the purchase. It had that phantom of the opera/masquerade feel about it but when I began reading it I was taken in an entirely different direction which I did not mine because the story was good all the same. As for a new cover perhaps it should have a beautiful heroine that fits Cassidy’s description (innocent yet seductive) front and centered with a handsome hero that fits Tony’s description in the book standing in the near background admiring Cassidy while in the shadows lurks a scary stranger watching the two of them to describe the danger and suspense in the story. This may not be a good idea but its just a thought. Looking forward to the re-release of this book as I enjoyed it from beginning to end.

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