The Evolution of Clair Huxtable into Being Mary Jane

Something to think about. That is all.

Danielle Koonce

clair huxtable Mary Jane

Perhaps a more suitable title for this blog would be, “The Deterioration of Clair Huxtable into Being Mary Jane,” but for the sake of attracting readership I chose to go with the word, ‘evolution.’  I wanted to purposely offend all of your memories of the smooth, professional, beautiful wife, mother of five, New York City lawyer, television persona, Clair Huxtable and make you think twice about your affections for the the charming, beautiful, professional adulterer, Mary Jane.

In a time when black America needs no help in projecting harmful and negative stereotypes within its communities, television writers and more specifically black television writers are cashing in exponentially on black female television heroines such as Olivia Pope and Mary Jane while they avoid less controversial role portrayals like Clair Huxtable as if she were a plague, but I understand. Clair is played out.

No one can be that beautiful, that happy…

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2 thoughts on “The Evolution of Clair Huxtable into Being Mary Jane

  1. Thanks for sharing this post. I feel like there should be an uprising of solidarity. We should all wear a giant C on our chests, b/c somehow over the years being a moralless skank has become okay. What is so wrong with being a strong, savvy woman and still caring for your family? *smh* The “other woman” role seems to be very popular across all ethnic groups lately.

  2. Hi, Laurel. Yeah, I felt the original post made so many good points that it needed sharing. In answer to your question: There isn’t enough drama in it.

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