Know where I can get difficult-to-find, yet brilliant, movies?


Ever want something so bad that you drive yourself out of your mind with desire for it? And then have it’s very unattainability make it even more desirable? Such is the case for me regarding the film Thirteen by David Williams. Here are partial descriptions:

lillianandninaHe {David Williams} cast neighbor Lillian Folley and her daughter, Nina Dickens (the title refers to her age), as the mother and daughter leads in the film. The two had previously appeared in Lillian, Williams‘ first feature, which dealt with Lillian’s adoption of Nina. The dialogue in Thirteen was unscripted…Shortly after the film opens, we learn from Lillian’s laconic narration that the quiet, moody Nina has run away from home. Williams cuts back and forth between the outpouring of concern Lillian gets from friends and family and Nina’s low-key adventures on the road. Just as the social workers are about to begin their investigation in earnest, Nina nonchalantly comes home. Lillian is so relieved that her anger immediately dissipates. The automobile-obsessed Nina then decides to do everything she can to earn money to buy a car. At first Lillian thinks this is a passing fancy, like many of Nina’s interests, but it soon becomes clear that Nina’s determination is very strong. Soon she’s earning money posing for a local artist, and looking after neighborhood children and pets. She even (unsuccessfully) applies for a job as a real estate agent. Lillian is proud of her daughter’s industriousness, despite her obvious inability to drive. (Fandango)

David’s camera follows Nina as she embarks on a journey of adulthood – she runs away and lives on her own only discover that she misses Lillian.   When she returns home Nina becomes inspired to get a job and save up money to buy a car.  Although we follow one year of her life, Nina learns so many lessons from her jobs and the adults who help her along the way.  Some moments overflow with perfect sincerity and humor – such as when Nina poses for the family’s artist friend.  Nina proceeds to negotiate $4.00 an hour for her modeling services – especially since she has to stand. (James River Film Journal)

The idea of this child fascinates me, and would love to know what her life is like as an adult — the movie was made in the late 90s.  She’s clearly self-contained and determined. I really want to see this movie (wouldn’t mind seeing Lillian, either). The only place I can find it is on amazon…in French in a DVD format that won’t play on standard US DVD players. My understanding of French is so-so, and I’m sure there are English subtitles, just as I’m sure I could probably get a PAL DVD player, but I would much rather have it in English.

Anyone out there know of a place that sells hard-to-find movies?



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