Calm before the storm

pathtolake   redtreesoohpath

playground pathwithcolor

runningpath2I took my run this morning in sixty-six degree weather. It’s NOVEMBER IN CHICAGO, which is awesome! I loved the view and the feel so much, that I just had to take pictures. Though the atmosphere looks cold and gloomy in the photos, it so wasn’t when I was out there. This is just the calm before the huge storm, according to this morning’s weather report so I thought I’d better take advantage. Creative juices were pumping like mad!

Have a good day!

2 thoughts on “Calm before the storm

  1. I like the view of the photos and I think can feel the weather as well! I guess it’s cool and windy. I live in tropical area and never had the chance to experience any season, except summer(it’s mostly hot here).

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