Meet the Character


This here is Cesare Shahidi. She’s an assassin, a model, a linguist and an incurable lover of all things deadly. She’s also my next great character. Her first book, Assassin, will be out in the summer of next year, but I wanted to give you a preview of her now. Everyone, Cesare Shahidi:

  • Name: Cesare (Che-za-ray) Shahidi, alias, Essence Carter
  • Code Name: Paragon
  • Profession: Model turned assassin
  • Expertise: Killing them softly
  • Weapon of choice: Poison
  • Backup weapon of choice: Stiletto
  • Backup to the backup: Her body
  • Base of operations: Barcelona
  • Languages spoken: Arabic, English, Farsi, French, Spanish
  • Quote that best describes her: “Veni, vidi, vici”
  • First seen in: You are Mine (final story for At Last’s Caroline and Brian)
  • Other appearances: Assassin by Lisa G. Riley and The Lion in Russia by Roslyn Hardy Holcomb

Description: She was what you got when a disillusioned former female member of the American Black Power Movement married and reproduced with an Iranian-American dissident who could trace his family’s roots all the way back to the Lasiqs of the Order of the Assassins: dangerous, fervently committed to the cause and sometimes crazy as hell.

9 thoughts on “Meet the Character

  1. LOOOVE you are mine! Like the new character Caesare. We’re I can I find your book Assassin?

    1. Hi, Sonya. I’m so glad you liked the book so much. “Assassin” is Cesare’s book and it isn’t ready for publication. When I have the release date, I will publish it here and on my Facebook page. Thanks for asking!


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