New Cover and Excerpt


My latest book, A Mighty Good Man, will be released on the 19th. Above is a copy of the awesome cover, and below is a brief excerpt to wet your whistle. I hope you enjoy it. Happy Friday!

Tracy placed her money on top of the check, and looked up to find Jack and Brian approaching. As always, she achieved tunnel vision and saw no one but Jack. Everything inside her shifted as if to make room for the overwhelming emotions she felt. She let her gaze roam over his long frame, stopping at his chest where he cradled the baby in his arms, his large hand flat against the child’s back with spread fingers. As she watched, he tenderly kissed the baby’s tiny forehead, his lips seeming to linger. Her eyes met his, and she found it difficult to look away from the intensity of his gaze. His gorgeous blue eyes held such longing that she had to look away for a moment as guilt pierced her conscience. Tears stung and she blinked so that the drops caught in her lashes. “Damn it, Jack,” she whispered shakily.

There was a sudden quiet in their group that let Tracy know that no one had missed her tears. She wiped at them with the tips of her fingers and then made the process of putting her wallet away a longer one than necessary as she tried to pull herself together. She almost sighed in relief when Caroline rose from the table, saying, “There’s mommy’s sweet girl. Give me my baby, Jack.”

Tracy continued to sit with her head bowed as she listened to the conversation swirling around her. Brian spoke to K.K., she answered. Caroline cooed, the baby gurgled happily and her sweet baby scent of powder and lotion wafted all around them. Tracy took it all in, all the while avoiding looking at her fiancé. Her feelings were a jumbled mess. She wanted to give Jack what he wanted, and felt horrible for not being able to take that final step. At the same time, there was a small kernel of resentment buried deep down inside of her regarding the entire situation. The pressure of it all made her rigid in her chair, until finally her body couldn’t withstand its own tautness and she found herself trying to suppress a shudder as her frame forcibly relaxed itself.

The deep timbre of Jack’s voice joined the chaotic sounds of the busy restaurant and Tracy shut her eyes in longing, wishing they weren’t at odds. They’d had an argument that morning, and he’d left the house without saying goodbye.

“All set for the doctor, sweetheart?” Brian asked Caroline and Tracy heard Caroline give her assent.  “Jack dropped by the house, and thought he’d come along with me to meet you guys,” Brian continued. “This way, he can take Tracy home and we can go straight to the doctor.”

Tracy shut her purse, looked up, and sneaked a peek at Jack, knowing that he was still looking at her. He hadn’t taken his gaze off her since Brian and he had arrived. She’d felt it. Burning her like a brand. She looked away. The tension that had invaded her body had spread and still hung over the group, and she knew it was unfair to subject her friends to such uncomfortableness. She stood in preparation to leave. “Good thinking, Jack.” She looked over at K.K. “You want a lift?”

K.K. quirked a brow, and let out a chuckle of disbelief. “Not with the two of you,” she said emphatically, looking as if she were surprised Tracy had even asked the question.

Tracy narrowed her eyes at her. “Whatever, K.K.”

Still seated, K.K. smirked and blew her a kiss. “Toodles,” she cooed as she wagged two fingers at her.

Tracy readied a comeback, but Jack had made it to her side. He bent and kissed her cheek, and placed his hand in the small of her back, his fingers massaging lightly through the thin cloth of her blouse. She shuddered and having missed his forgiveness and the feeling of having him so intimately close all day, closed her eyes and turned her head so that his cheek and lips brushed against her forehead as he straightened. He kissed her again, this time on the top of her head, and she found herself wanting to cry.

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