So. Here’s what I thought…


(photo by kapybara42)

I’m on deadline right now (a second self-imposed one), and up until about a week ago had been writing in fits and starts for about a month. Fits and starts because the story would come, and then it would go, with the characters remaining stubbornly silent. Sometimes, I’d sit in front of the computer for hours with only a few paragraphs to show for it. I’m on track now, and things are moving, but it was a grueling process.


Here’s what I thought: someone should invent a super smart, creative, thought-controlled, awesome, robot-like thingy. This wonderful invention would take a few pertinent details from me, things like characters, their names and their motivation. And, oh yeah, plot. I’d throw the bones of a plot in there as well. And then with those details, the genius robot would go on to create the end product: a full-length masterpiece. With my name on it.

The world — my world — would be a much better place if this could happen. Like soon.

So…any takers? I’d love you forever.



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