“She Hate Me…”

The title of this post is also the title of an independent film that came out a few years ago. I never saw the movie, but thought the title was amazingly perfect for how one of my male protagonists perceives how a female protagonist feels about him. The two of them are featured as characters in a novella I’m currently working on, and she is giving him (and me) fits. I’d meant for the two of them to be secondary to the main characters and to have a sweet romance, but it’s not quite going as originally planned.

She’s just not having it and he’s been trying to tell me that all along, but I wasn’t listening. This morning I couldn’t help but hear him, because his voice sounded in my head loud and clear, and he was saying the very words in the title of this post. He wasn’t angry; he was bewildered and a bit sad. And…there was the hint of tears.  I totally understand, given that she’d just had him arrested and stood there smirking while the police put the cuffs on.

Characters usually talk to me (other writers understand what I’m talking about), but these two have been particularly vocal. Well he has anyway. She’s just been a bitch, an awesome one, yes, but still a bitch. She’s more a woman of action and lets what she does communicate how she feels — a roll of the eyes here, a throat punch there. You know…subtle-like. I adore her.

Anyway, after his plea this morning, I’ve decided that they’re not a match and I’m considering taking them out completely. If I do, she’ll definitely have her own story. I doubt he’ll be in it, though. She might kill him.




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