Ten things everyone should know

Some years ago I did contract PR work for a domestic violence prevention agency. It was an informative and sad experience for me. I want to share ten things I learned that everyone should know regarding domestic violence. They’re called 10 Signs. Five indicate that you’re in an abusive relationship, and five indicate that your partner has the potential for abuse. If I’ve missed some, please feel free to add. National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800.799.SAFE (7233)

Signs that you are in an abusive relationship include:

  • Your partner is verbally or physically abusive
  • Your partner isolates you from friends and family
  • Your partner uses force during an argument
  • Your partner “playfully” uses force in sex when you don’t agree with it
  • Your partner imposes rigid sex roles

 Signs that your partner has the potential to be a batterer include:

  • Your partner has a history of battering in past relationship(s)
  • Your partner threatens violence
  • Your partner breaks or strikes objects
  • Your partner displays extreme jealousy or has “Jekyl and Hyde” personality
  • Your partner displays controlling behavior or blames others for his/her problems or feelings

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