Two Down, Three to Go


Roslyn Holcomb and I recently finished a book we’d been planning for at least two years. I LOVE this book, and am quite proud of Roslyn and myself for finally completing it. In addition to it being the very first novel in an exciting series we’ve planned, it is also the second book I’ve completed this year, making it the second in my goal of five for the year (and YES, it does count, even though it was a joint effort).

I am currently working on the third, which is a novella that catches up with two of my characters from my second book, Caught Up in the Rapture. Jack and Tracy are giving me a heck of a time, but I’m enjoying getting to know them again. The book doesn’t have a title yet, but I’m hoping to have it hit virtual shelves in June.

Next up? Who here likes surprises?

4 thoughts on “Two Down, Three to Go

  1. First, congrats on the major accomplishment! Second, Jack and Tracy? AHHHHHHH!!!!! YES!!! That is all.

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