Paris: Ooh, la, la!


This morning I woke up with Paris on my mind. I don’t know how long I dreamed about “The City of Light” during the night, but I do know that when I woke up images from the great city were vivid and fresh in my mind. I visited Paris by myself years ago and I have to say it was the best vacation I’ve ever had.

I believe firmly that one of the reasons (besides the delicious cuisine, awesome architecture and rich history) that particular trip still holds first place amongst my vacations is because I was by myself. As someone who’s pretty much a loner, for me there was nothing like planning a schedule without having to worry about accommodating the desires of other people. Don’t get me wrong: traveling with others has and will be, I’m sure, a wonderful experience for me. However, I did so LOVE checking out Paris by myself.

Of course many people travel alone all the time. I love the idea because I can be really selfish with my time. I can’t wait to go off again, and I’ll bet London is lovely in summer…



Photo courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum’s Flickr Stream

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