Flashback Friday (WIN…something)

All right, people! Here’s the latest excerpt from one of the books on my back list:

As she stood in front of him, naked as the day she was born as she unbuttoned his shirt, he wondered why he hadn’t yet exploded. With every brush of the backs of her fingers against his skin, he felt his temperature rise another notch. She lifted her mouth for a kiss, and he obliged, kissing her hard and long. Reaching around her, he placed his hot hands on her buttocks and moaned low in his throat when she shivered and pressed her body against his.

So, the rules as always:

Email me the name of the book that this somewhat hokey excerpt came from at lisa@lisagriley.com

Email me the correct answer by 11 a.m. EST and your name will be entered in the random drawing

Please do not publicly post your answer anywhere

Good luck. One of you lovely people will win a $10 gift certificate to amazon or Barnes & Noble! Thanks for reading!



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