Letter from a Fan

Writers, like people in other professions, might sometimes ask themselves, “Why do I do this?” This happens, of course, after a particularly trying time. Writing is not an easy profession and that’s okay, because it’s what I signed up for. Personally, I write –firstly– because the stories are there for me to tell. It’s simply what I do.

The stories are not always perfect and they never please everyone, but there’s always a sense of accomplishment once I’ve gotten the stories and characters crowding my brain out of my head and onto the page.

All of that brings me to this point: When I begin to write a new story, I am writing for me because the story has to be told, and it has to be told the way it comes to me. The fans — those awesome people who show their admiration of the work by first reading and then either by waiting for every story, recommending the work, purchasing the books, posting reviews, contacting me, or all of the above — are secondary.

I’m so, so, so grateful for fans, but they are not the first people I think about when I sit down to write a story. They can’t be. My goal is always to put out a good, engrossing story. Another goal is to grow as a writer, and growth involves change.  Some people don’t like change, and again, it’s impossible to please everyone, so, to that fan who sent me a letter to say that she will no longer read my work if I don’t “go back to writing the way you used to”, I say:

Thanks for your time and interest while I had them. They are appreciated.

Always evolving,

Lisa G.

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