Flashback Friday — July Edition

Happy Friday! It’s time for another Flashback Friday, in which I post an excerpt from a book on my back list and you have the opportunity to win $10! You have until Tuesday, July 31st(9 a.m. CST, 10 a.m. EST) to send me the name of the book from which the excerpt hails. If you are correct, your name will be placed in in a hat with other names of people who have correctly answered. One random winner will be chosen and can have the pick of a $10 amazon gift certificate, or a $10 B&N gift certificate — your choice!

Good luck, and please (PLEASE) do not post your answers here. Send them to lisa@lisagriley.com.


He kneeled in front of her to grab her muzzle. “Why so said, kitten?” he murmured as he looked at her glassy eyes. “Here now, baby,” he soothed when the tears began to flow. He kissed her head. “Come inside now.”

She followed him inside, and once he’d closed the door, bumped the back of his knees, and when he turned to look down at her, bumped the front of them.

“Oh, so you want to play, do you?” He asked and kneeled again so that he was in front of her. So full of surprises, my kitten is, he thought at he playfully tugged on her fur. She nuzzled his neck and he could have sworn he heard a forlorn sigh. “What is it? Won’t you tell me what’s wrong, sweetheart” he asked as he looked into her eyes.

She nuzzled his neck again. She wanted to be with him as a woman, but she also wanted to hold off being that woman for as long as she possibly could.


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