Flashback Friday

Morning! It’s time for another Flashback Friday, in which I post an excerpt from a book on my back list and you have the opportunity to win $10! You have until Tuesday, June 19th  (9 a.m. CST, 10 a.m. EST) to send me the name of the book from which the excerpt hails. If you are correct, your name will be placed in in a hat with other names of people who have correctly answered. One random winner will be chosen and can have the pick of a $10 amazon gift certificate, or a $10 B&N gift certificate — your choice!

The excerpt is below. E-mail me at lisa@lisagriley.com with your answer!

Saying nothing, she simply looked at him. Afraid to move, he looked back. And then she was running toward him, her face a contradictory mask of fear and hope. He met her halfway and lifted her against his body when she leaped into his arms. “I couldn’t stay away,” she said in an emotion-filled, muffled voice from the side of his neck.

Good luck!

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