Music and the Muse (thanks, Spotify)


Like a lot of writers, I sometimes listen to music while I’m writing — it inspires, it influences, and sometimes it’s just background noise. Yesterday, I listened to Esperanza Spalding, James Taylor, Rod Stewart, Janet Jackson and Simon and Garfunkel. From this compilation, I was inspired while I wrote a love scene and a scene where the leads were in a fair amount of danger.

I use Spotify for my music. I like it because I choose what I want to hear when I want to hear it. Another author, Tracy Ames, mentioned a site called Stereomood, which organizes playlists based on mood/activity. Imagine that!

2 thoughts on “Music and the Muse (thanks, Spotify)

  1. I think most artists use music when they create. I have a brother and a cousin who both paint and they’ve always got music going in the background. I’ll be sure to tell them about this new mood radio.

    On another note I hope you were talking about the follow-up to At Last when you mentioned the scenes you wrote. I can’t wait for that book to drop!


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