Flashback Friday — win 10 whole dollars!!!

Morning! I’ve decided to start something new here in Lisa G. Riley land. Every month I’ll pick a random Friday and post an excerpt from a book on my back list. You will have until the Tuesday (10 a.m. CST, 9 a.m. EST) immediately after that Friday to send me the name of the book from which the excerpt hails. If you are correct, your name will be placed in in a hat with other names of people who have correctly answered. One random winner will be chosen and can have the pick of a $10 amazon gift certificate, or a $10 B&N gift certificate — your choice!

Here’s the first excerpt:

“You see what that idiot failed to understand is that a woman’s body is like a delicate instrument…”

“…It’s a delicate instrument that needs to be wooed and worshiped until it willingly…happily…gives up its beautiful music,” he finished right before he…”

Okay! There you have it. Email me at lisa@lisagriley.com with your answer. Good luck, and thank you!

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