Dashing Through the Snow

Well, the moment has finally arrived. My first self-published book went live on amazon.com a couple of hours ago. I’m quite nervous and more than a little bit excited. It’s been a wild ride, one in which I drove myself and several other people (forgive me Ros, Kesh, local librarian) crazy. Because it’s my first time doing this, I wanted everything to be perfect, but towards the end, realized it could only be as perfect as I could make it.

So, here she is, friends, my baby, Dashing Through the Snow. If you like her, please, let the world know by writing a review. If you don’t like her, feel free to share why with her mother — me (lisa@lisagriley.com). She’s available for Kindle right now, but will venture out more soon. Her bio is below. Thanks for all of the love and support over the years — I couldn’t have done it without you!



Lily Carstairs has finally gotten her private investigator’s license and she’s already completed her first case, picking up a nice, fat fee for her troubles. Her second case, however, could be the case of a lifetime and could make her career. All she has to do is find a missing millionaire who disappeared…in broad daylight… in a brand new Lexus….from the side of the road in a small town where everyone knows everyone, but no one saw anything. Other than sometimes wishing she had Ms. Marple on speed dial for help with the case, Lily feels things are going swimmingly. When she finds out childhood friend and ex-lover Smith Cameron has also been hired to solve the case, she doesn’t like it, but she soldiers on. And when Smith suggests that they partner on the case and resume their affair, she goes into both partnerships with her eyes wide open. Her goal is to collect the $10,000 bonus in the end and keep her heart intact.

As the millionaire’s trail leads them on a chase from their small town of Sheffield-Chatham to Chicago, and through the fancy rooms of secret men’s clubs to the hushed halls of museums and finally to some of the less seemly parts of town, they find themselves embroiled in a Machiavellian conspiracy involving rare gems, money and power, one that threatens to bring down some of their town’s leading citizens. When all is said and done, Lily has no doubt that Smith and she should continue their professional partnership. It’s the personal one she’s not so sure about.


4 thoughts on “Dashing Through the Snow

  1. Congratulations Lisa! The synopsis looks intriguing. I don’t have a Kindle… Love my Nook. Will you book be available in other formats?

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