This Whole Writing Process…thingy


Recently I made the decision to start doing some independent publishing. It’s a process I’m really looking forward to, but it took me a long time to come to the decision to go out there on my own. Well… not exactly on my own because my partner in crime, Roslyn Hardy Holcomb, is making this journey with me. But anyway, when I say alone, I mean without a publisher for back-up. So now I’m not only in charge of the writing, but the editing, the formatting, the obtaining of ISBN, covers, etc. — in short, I’m in charge of my writing destiny!

It is a heady feeling.

So, a book I’d planned to publish with Loose Id, Dashing through the Snow, will be published by moi! And a novella, which catches up with Nicholas and Melinda from “Caught” in the Big Spankable A**es anthology will also be coming out under my own aegis.

I’m so excited!

Help me…(gulp)

One thought on “This Whole Writing Process…thingy

  1. I know you can do it, whatever you put your mind to accomplish, shall be done. I wish you and your partner in crime all of the luck and remember to take time out to say, “AAAAHHHHHH” and relax, relate and then release.



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