Meet Lily…

She’s not one of my characters, but I find her just as interesting as I would one of my own, and certainly more important than any I’ve ever developed. Lily is the latest Muppet to star on Sesame Street. I single her out because “the new Muppet will bring awareness to the ongoing hunger struggles that families face in the United States,” according to this Reuters article.

I am both humbled and gratified by the creators of Lily. I’m glad they’ve created her because I believe exposing children at such a young age to this reality will hopefully help them to develop an empathy for others who are not as fortunate as they are. I haven’t watched Sesame Street in a long time, but if they run true to form, the show will be done with sensitivity and savvy.

Bravo to the producers, the writers and whomever else made the decision to focus on the issue. I don’t know if Lily will be a permanent character, but the special show airs October 9th.

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