Only Four Days Before “After”

I’m excited — only four days before After the Morning After  is released! Per my usual routine right before the release of a book, I’m a bit nervous as well. Will readers like it as much as I do? Will they appreciate the blood, sweat and tears (a metaphor, yes, but not an exaggeration) that went into the development of this masterpiece? Will they be able to tell from reading it how much I enjoyed writing it? Will it make them laugh? Cry? Angry? Will it elicit any emotion at all?!

Aaaaaaah! I want the day to come and go already! Let me get back to writing the next great thing, so in a few months…I can start the neurotic process all over again…

2 thoughts on “Only Four Days Before “After”

  1. This totally makes sense for an artist. My brother is a performance artist and experiences the same thing right before a show. It takes him days after to get over things.But he’s good and you’re good and one day the world will discover just HOW good you both are. Good luck.

    Chloe Z.

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