Betrayed by Lunacy

That’s what this debt ceiling “deal” really amounts to — a betrayal. This deal orchestrated by the lunatic fringe will not only hurt vitally-needed programs for the middle class and poor, but it will definitely hamper all efforts at an economic recovery.

All I have to say to Obama, Democrats and moderate Republicans is that hopefully you’ve learned that if you sit down and try to reason with crazy, you more than likely get up sounding just as crazy as they are. Next time (and we know there will be a next time), get up, walk away and just do what you need to do. And progressives, please take note that we have to do more than just grumble and complain to each other.

This whole debacle and it’s so-called resolution prompts me to repeat what I heard an old veteran say when asked about both parties: I hate them. I hate them all…

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