A Great Week!

This has been a banner week in terms of reviews for Roslyn Holcomb and me. The two books we wrote together, Given and Stolen were both reviewed favorably — one by Joyfully Reviewed and the other by Night Owl Reviews. My book Do Me Right was reviewed by both sites, again, favorably.

One of the reviewers (CYD) over at Night Owl Reviews gave not only one, but two, of  the stories a Reviewer’s Top Pick. This illustrious label was given to Do Me Right and Stolen. This is what she said about Do Me Right:

“This is a thought-provoking and emotive romance.” Find more of the review here.

As for Stolen, this is what she said:

“This is a lovely historical romance.” Read the entire review here.

And Nellie of Joyfully Reviewed loved Given. She said, and I quote:

“Well done to the dynamic duo of Ms.  Holcomb and Ms. Riley for a story that will be a constant repeat read.” Find the rest of the review here.

Thank you to CYD and Nellie for reading and for the wonderful reviews.



2 thoughts on “A Great Week!

  1. Congratulations, Ms. Lisa I love all of these books. I noticed you didn’t mention the Give Yourself to Me reviews, even though you posted them on the side. Why is that?I for one loved Give Yourself to Me even if it was a little bit rushed at the end. I loved me some Hilliard and I thought Hollis/Rose was cool as hell. Anyway keep up the good work.

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