One Night Only

Loose Id has just sent me a contract for my latest novella, One Night Only, a story that I had a blast writing simply because Victoria and Sanjay are two of the most uncomplicated characters I’ve ever written.  Sanjay wants what he wants and no one, including Victoria, is going to stand in the way of him getting it. Victoria also wants what she wants and she finally gets it once she realizes that she needs to get out of her own way.

The summary is below.

One night. That’s all it had been—one crazy night where reserved research scientist, Dr. Victoria Howell had allowed herself to succumb to the seduction of former co-worker and current suspected corporate thief, Sanjay Banerjee. Okay, so maybe she had participated in the seduction, and maybe the sex had been impossibly hot and satisfying, but why the heck couldn’t he just let it go? It was only meant to be for one night, darn it! After being dumped by her fiancée, and then taking a lover who it turns out was auditioning her along with other women to for the role of his girlfriend, Victoria knows she can’t trust her own judgment. And one night is all she’s willing to give.

Fledgling  inventor Sanjay Banerjee is well known for being a tenacious bastard. He never lets anything go—especially when it means something to him. And that one night he’d spent with the good doctor Howell meant something. It was something he’d been wanting since he’d started working with her at, the company accusing him of stealing his own invention, thereby endangering the success of his own new company. He has the truth on his side, and he’s not going to back down. Just like he’s not going to back down when it comes to Victoria. He doesn’t just want her; he also wants her skill for his company.

3 thoughts on “One Night Only

  1. Sounds interesting. When will it come out? And what is his nationality? Also, is she African-American? Thanks.

  2. Hi, ladies. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll let you be surprised with Sanjay, but I will say he’s one of the sexiest male characters I’ve ever written, and if you liked Brian from “At Last,” you’re going to love Sanjay!

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