Working on a new story. It’s the first in an exciting new series I’ve come up with called The Naughty Naughtons. The series features triplets who are always (ALWAYS) finding trouble. They’re not bad or vindictive, exactly, they’re just…energetic. Anyway, the first story is called I Love the Love We’re Makin’ and it’s about Abyssinia Naughton, the oldest twin, and Grayson Cole, her boss. Abyssinia is what’s known as a fixer and has spent most of her adult life pulling powerful people out of huge messes (there was the CEO of a London-based multinational, the Asian dictator, the New York investment banker, etc.).

Now she’s back in her hometown and Grayson, who is running for the U.S. Senate, finds himself in need of her help to increase his standings in the polls. Well, he remembers her and her siblings’ “youthful hijinks,” which almost always made the morning news, and he shudders to think what would happen if he hires her. His father convinces him to do so and sparks fly and trouble ensues on the campaign trail!




4 thoughts on “WIP

  1. Ooh, sounds good and so topical, Ms. Lisa. Can’t wait to read it. When’s it due out?


    P.S. You’ve got to do a much better job of keeping this updated. Last time I was here there was dust on the page!

  2. Hi, Casey. You’re funny, and I do admit to neglecting this page. I’m sorry. As for the book coming out, I have no idea when, as of yet. Of course I’ll post the date here when I know!

    Thanks for the compliment and for keeping tabs!


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