Hair Food

I have thick, coarse hair and I’ve always loved it. Lately, though, it’s become more difficult to manage and no matter what I did, it consistently looked dry. It wouldn’t hold a curl for long and wrapping it became impossible.

This past summer I decided I’d give it a break. So I completely stopped using heat and I kept it braided or twisted. Additionally, Ros Holcomb recommended that I use some essential oils on it, including rosemary and olive oil. So, I walked around smelling like a salad, but my hair drank it like it had been dying of thirst.

Ros, via Monica Mingo, recommended I use PhytoSpecific–pictured above.  I didn’t even balk at the price. I’ve used it three times thus far, and I love it! And my hair? She is so grateful that she has become less intractable and more manageable.

Ah, she loves me again. Anyway, I am  so gosh darned  pleased with this product that I thought I’d blog about it.



3 thoughts on “Hair Food

    1. Hi, Signify. Sorry it took so long to reply to your question. I bought it from You might be able to find it at a bricks and mortar Sephora as well.

      Lisa G.

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