Bitten by Books Review

Roslyn Holcomb’s and my book, Given, just got a great review over at Bitten by Books. I love this quote:

“Given is an engaging read that is both erotic and historically fascinating. The story’s supernatural element of eternal conflict between the shapeshifting Eshu and demonic Thakathi, which lurks under the visible black versus white conflict, serves as an excuse for some characters’ behavior but also prompts reader reflection on true historical evil…I would love to read further adventures of Mary Katherine and Jacob. I hope a sequel is in the works!”

This quote is gratifying not just because the reviewer liked the book, but because she really gets what Ros and I were trying to do with Given. Read more of the review here:

Bitten by Books

One thought on “Bitten by Books Review

  1. Congratulations to you and Ms. Holcomb! This is a wonderful story. And by the way, love the contest you’ve got going on over at your yahoo group. Please pick me to win, lol!

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