My latest book, Give Yourself to Me, comes out on August 31st from Loose Id. The book is the third in the Off Like a Prom Dress series. The first two were written by Sharon Cullars, Raine’s Blues and Roslyn Holcomb, Let’s Do it Again. Here, at last, is the cover for my book.  It was created by April Martinez. What do you think? After the cover, you’ll find the summary for the book.


If Dr. Hollis Delacroix had known she’d be falling in love with a future vampire/murderer when she was nineteen, she probably…still would’ve fallen in love. Hilliard had been irresistible then, and he was twice that now. But that’s not her only problem. She’d stood the love of her life up on prom night and fourteen years later, he’s finally found her, and boy has she got some explaining to do. But so does he! He hadn’t told her that he was a vampire! But bigger than that is the fact that he’s in town killing vampires and the bodies are landing in her morgue!

Cumberland Hilliard cannot believe that the girl he’d known as Rose when they were nineteen and in love is now the big shot New Orleans medical examiner named Hollis Delacroix. Oh he’s glad to see her after years of wondering where in the hell she was, but he is not glad that she’s the one looking at him for the murders of four people. Okay, he had killed two of them, but he’d had good reason: they were rogue vampires intent on killing humans.

But he can deal with all of that. What he can’t deal with is not having her under him in his bed!

10 thoughts on “GIVE YOURSELF TO ME

  1. The story seems interesting, but the cover is not particularly appealing. It is kind of hard to imagine that the characters have any chemistry when the models are not even in the same picture (it is quite obvious that the cover art is 2 different pictures spliced together). Even worse, the body language does not convey that they are connected in any way (the female model has her arms crossed, which is a closed off, defensive posture and both models are facing the camera rather than each other). If I were making the decision to buy the book solely on the cover, I would not buy this book. As far as I am concerned, it would have been better to have no cover art at all because what you presently have is probably a great disservice to your work.

    I apologize for the “Tolstoy-long” comment but I really enjoyed “At Last” and the cover art on that book was really what made me pick it up in the first place.

  2. Well, Eni, thanks for your honesty. All I can do is make suggestions as to what I want the cover to be; I do not have final say. I do know that the artists work to come up with a concept that fits the book and in the end what is used is what the publisher feels will best represent the book.

    Glad you like “At Last,” and thank you for the compliment on the work.


  3. This is a good story, and I don’t just say that because Lisa’s my critique partner. I think the cover accurately depicts the story. Most publishers are working with stock photography and unfortunately, stock photography featuring IR couples is hard to come by. Quiet as it’s kept, MOST cover art is made up of composites, how could it be otherwise? Authors come up with all manner of combinations of looks for their characters. It would be prohibitively expensive to shoot cover photos based on that. Thank goodness that most people buy based on the back blurb than on the cover art. Otherwise they’d seriously miss out.

  4. Oooh, I’m so excited for all three of the books! I’m going to purchase the first two this weekend.


  5. Hi Lisa,
    This story sound very interest and although I normally don’t read Vampire books I have decided to go outside the box. Actually the cover is what caught my attention in the beginning, so I do plan to purchase the book when it is release I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

    I decided to go outside the box because a lot of the wonderful authors that I read are talking their talent in different avenue and I want to support them in everything that they do. It has taken me some time to get my mind set but I know if that I will like this as well.


  6. This sounds good. I am from Baton Rouge Louisiana, I love when I find a book writtten about my home state. I love Vampire stories.

  7. I like the plot and can’t wait to buy it. Now book cover is okay. I like female model but male model is bit young for my taste. ( maybe if he have facial hair it might help)

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