Okay, so I was watching Bones tonight, and this song came on. I just heard a few bars, but I loved it so much, I had to go search it out on google. The vocals are so raw (especially during the refrain), and I was so inspired that after I found the song on google, I played it and commenced to writing a really great (I think) love scene for my next book, Give Yourself to Me.  The search on google led to youtube, and the video is below.

Actually, there are two. The first was played on the show, but I believe they sampled Candi Staton’s vocals, and her version is posted here as well.

You guys remember Candi  Staton, right? She sang that lovely disco classic “Young Hearts Run Free.”  Here are the videos:

One Eskimo w/Candi:

And here’s Candi:

Three cheers for inspiration, right?


  1. Hey. I KNOW I’ve heard this song before and I think it was on another tv show… anyway, I now know why I like your stuff so much– you ALSO have great taste in television shows! LOL I also want to comment (a lil late I know) on the theft of your material: I hope you get a chance to catch up to these guys and steal something they’ve worked so hard to obtain, I mean I am not a writer but I just know that it takes blood sweat and tears as well as a heck of a lot of courage to get your stuff out there. So to have someone just share it out… well a curse on them: “may a bird poop on your head everytime you walk outside.” There.

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