Roslyn Hardy Holcomb, Sharon Cullars and I are each working on a book for a series entitled Off Like a Prom Dress. Yes, I know, I keep working with that Roslyn chick, but what can I say? She’s addicted to working with me. It’s hard being so popular! *sigh*

Anyway, my book in the series is called Give Yourself to Me. It’s about kick-ass medical examiner and a software designer/vampire and how they reunite fifteen years after she stood him up on prom night. I’m having a great time with the story, and can’t wait for reactions when it comes out in June from!



2 thoughts on “NEW PROJECT

  1. You forgot to mention football. See folks, she lives in Chicago and not only does she not like football, she knows nothing about it!!! And you know what else? She doesn’t like bears. You’d think that alone would get her run out of the city if not the entire state of Illinois.

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