Okay, so of course the Republican National Committee has a plan to raise money, just like the Democratic National Committee. However, the Republicans “secret plan” (mwahhahhahhah!) was unfortunately for them, left behind in a hotel conference room last month. In it, are ways to exploit their base’s “fear” of Obama.

To many, the plan would be considered offensive, and I can see why. Decide for yourself here:  Oops!

In the plan, they paint Obama as a socialist, compare Nancy Pelosi to Cruella de Vil and  Harry Reid to Scooby Doo. But the biggest problem for them, I think, is that they call their donors–the people they actually want money from– ego-driven and reactionary. How smart are they, right?

Given the current political climate, I guess I’m not surprised that they would resort to these tactics. That they should write them down in a nice little PowerPoint presentation is another thing. And that they should leave one behind for someone to find is something else entirely.



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