Simply Could Not Resist


Okay, the above picture was sent to me yesterday and I thought it was so clever that I just had to share.  The title of the photo is “Brought to You By…” and given the Supreme Court’s recent (stupid, selfish, greedy) decision to let corporations basically buy campaigns, this photo was just too on point not to post!




3 thoughts on “Simply Could Not Resist

  1. That is funny. Am I surprised by anything any member of the SCOTUS does? Not particularly. Actually they should do something similar for the entire Congress. Our country is a corpocracy and has been for some time.

  2. The picture is funny,however to present a different point of view. Labor unions and the trial lawyers have been pouring millions of dollars into the coffers of the Democratic Party for years.If that isn’t effecting the legislative and executive process, I don’t know what is. Now that the SCOTUS has rule and allowed corporations to donate –it is a horrible ruling. I think not. Corporations and their PR flacks will be extremely careful not to alienate potential customers. By the way, I am a life long registered Democrat.

  3. Guess we’ll have to respectfully disagree then, Kimberley. There is absolutely nothing you can say that will convince me that this isn’t a horrible ruling. This ruling lifted restrictions on what corporations and labor unions can invest in elections.

    Whether they want the Democrat or Republican to win, this is wrong. Basically, a large coporation could buy an election because there are no restrictions on what they can spend.

    This ruling not only allows for corporate corruption of the political process, it invites it.

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