Airplane Etiquette

Happy Thanksgiving! Today I’m off to Texas to celebrate this, my favorite holiday (it’s tied with Christmas), with my family. The flight is going to take roughly three hours and is in the middle of the afternoon, so I know I’m going to be hungry.

I’m a pretty good flyer: spend most of the flight using books and music to try to forget that I’m up in the air and that my fate, to some extent, depends on a person who is as  human (therefore as fallible) as I, piloting the plane.  So basically, I pray silently and keep my fears to myself.

Anyway,  given that the airlines have either stopped serving food, serve very little food or charge for food, I’m left with trying to figure out not if I should bring a snack, (that’s a foregone conclusion as I refuse to be nervous and hungry), but what I should bring.

I used to bring quiet foods like donuts, candy bars, moon pies–all yummy and unassuming, therefore allowing me to be sneaky and avoid stares while I eat.  However, they’re also unhealthy, and as I’m finally into living a healthy lifestyle (sigh), I can’t bring that stuff anymore. 

I’m planning on bringing an apple, some multi-grain crackers and water, thus making it completely impossible for me to go unnoticed. I should be clear that I’m still going to do it, but I’m just wondering, would most people find this rude? Is it rude to bring food on a plane? Isn’t there an unspoken rule that you’re not supposed to?

Is it rude, or am I just neurotic? Does anyone else think about stuff like this?


3 thoughts on “Airplane Etiquette

  1. Remember you can no longer take bottles of water on the plane. I forget the number of ounces but it’s not a bottle so don’t bother. You can buy a bottle after you go though the gates though. Also apples are noisy and annoying. Do you like orange slices, tangerines or bananas? All quiet foods and shouldn’t bring any stares.


  2. Hm, since I’m usually asleep during the whole flight (no matter how hard I try to stay up and read) I wouldn’t care about the sounds of apples and crackers. Also depending on how noisy the flight is, because when I fly in a Continental jet, I can’t hear much due to engine noise given that it’s a small aircraft, I wouldn’t be able to hear you.
    Have a safe trip and good luck with the snack 🙂

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